Just Some Of Our
Tiki came to the shelter on
1-2-08 as a 6 week old puppy and she was adopted 1 year later on 1-24-09. She was adopted by Stacy and her wonderful family who also adopted Maddie a black lab from  AAR a year earlier. Tiki is living a great life now , She is loved and is spoiled rotten like every animal should be.
Brice's previous owner was an AAR volunteer who  passed away. We promised Sue we would find Brice a wonderful home. 2 1/2 years later  Brice was adopted 12-31-08 and now  is living the life of luxury. You See Brice had seizures and no one wanted a dog who had seizures. Since she has been living with her new family Brice has had 2 siezures and now is seizure free.
When an AAR pet finds a wonderful loving home it makes us so happy, it inspires us to keep doing this great work. Happy Tails are stories, testimonials and in some cases tragic beginnings with happy outcomes.
If you have adopted a pet from AAR and have a story to share, please email stories and pictures to Angie at    aarescue03@yahoo.com
On 1-4-06 I was looking in the paper and saw a very handsome young man by the name of Sugar Ray. I called to see if he was still available and was told yes. I had done alot of research on Boxers and knew of health issues they faced and knowing white Boxers have even more problems my husband and I were willing to adopt. We went to AAR and met this wild man! But we fell in love with him immediately! I knew it would take some hard work to train him to have good manners. All the hard work paid off Sugar Ray became Skyler Green Meador and with that I trained him and he trained my husband. All was well in the Meador household until 8-21-07 when a small mole on his back right leg looked like he had been bitten there it was swollen. I took him to the vet it was removed and he was diagnosed with Mast Cell Tumor Cancer. Through 8 surgeries he ate well and had energy to keep his dad inline! July 29, 2009 just after noon our precious boy lost his battle with cancer. Through it all and now in our grief and loss we were blessed that AAR ia a "No-Kill Shelter" so that we had the opportunity to have this wonderful beautiful boy in our lives. With all those beautiful faces waiting on their forever home, I would never purchase a dog or cat through a breeder, pet store, on the side of the road....etc. I would adopt again or sponsor a dog or cat. Now the wound of losing our boy is still fresh to think of adopting now, but I will continue to support AAR with a donation like Skyler and I did every December.
Thank  You AAR!
Gail Meador
Bob is a special needs boy with owner Chloe adopted 8-09
Saddie/AKA Michelle with owner Tami 8-09
Lindy adopted 7-09
Simon adopted 1-09
Bella with owner Zara
Bud left adopted 07 and Heidi
Zac with owner Lisa 7-09