3-3-09 Momma dog and 5 pups were dumped at AAR and mom who we named Bailey has heartworms. We have had allot of dogs come in lately  that are heartworm positive. At this time we are unable to treat them because of the cost. If you would like to help with the cost please come by the shelter or donate online.
UPDATE: Since Bailey has been at the shelter she is learning to trust people more and more each day. She is still shy but atleast she is not cowering in the corner. She has not been treated for heartworms yet but we want to thank people for sending donations for her treatment. We almost have enough.
UPDATE 5-10-09 Thank You everyone for sending donations for Bailey's heartworm treatment. AAR is also able to treat another dog for heartworms. Bailey will have her first treatment 5-14-09 and her 2nd and 3rd treatment a month from that. She will be ready for adoption around the 1st of July.
Bailey seems a little camera shy, she never wants her picture taken. She is still a little leary of some people she does not know, but when she gets to know you, she wags her tail when you greet her in her kennel run and she is sweet as can be.  Bailey  knows commands and is very attentive. She has also gained a few happy pounds. The vet says she is about 4 years old.

Samantha was brought to the shelter on 5-27-09. Someone found her limping down the side of the road. AAR took her to the vet and found out that her Tibia and Fibula bone are fractured. The only way AAR is able to get these animals treated is with the communities help.
Samantha's medical bill is going to cost $142.70. This may not seem like much, But with all the animal's that come in with medical problems it adds up at the end of the month and we have to pay a private practice Veterinarian.  The Vet does cut us a break for being a shelter and we thank them so much for that. AAR does not euthanize their animal's unless they cannot be saved.
UPDATE 6-1-09
Thank You  everyone who donated funds for Samantha's medical bills. Someone donated the whole lump sum and we had extra left over for some of Samantha's  follow up visits. She has to go to the vet once a week for 6 weeks to get her cast changed. She is a happy girl now, a little clumsy, but not in pain. AAR will keep you updated
UPDATE below
Check out my new cast, it's my favorite color. The vet put me in my second cast and say's I'm healing nicely. I have to keep it very dry and I like to chew on it, that's why I have to wear this thing around my neck.
UPDATE 6-5-09
On 6-1-09 A volunteer arrived at the shelter in the morning to find Snow White inside the fence. The volunteer did not want to pick her up thinking she was in pain and might bite. So she was able to shew her into the shelter and shut the door. It took  us awhile to find her as you see on the left picture this is where she ended up behind a cubical desk drawer. You can see how her leg sticks out and it made her unable to walk so she had to drag herself around. We took her to the vet and took xrays and this ended up being an old brake that had already fused together. We decided to amputate her leg so hopefully she would be able to walk on one back leg. She is still ajusting to her new life and is getting better everyday.
Snow Whites surgery ended up costing $355.00
and this is one of many vet bills AAR has to pay at the end of the month. If you would like to help with Snow Whites vet bill, please donate so AAR is able to continue to save the helpless.  Without the communities support AAR would not be able to
save lifes.
By the way, at first when we got Snow White she was very scared of us. Now, since she has been in a foster home she is very sweet, comes when you call her, loves to be scratched and likes to talk alot.
Yippy, The vet took my cast off a little early because I kept getting it wet. So I have to take it easy for a week and a half then I should be good as new. I already started putting weight on it and am walking pretty good. If anyone is interested in adopting me around 6-25-09
call Angie 832-229-7342
My foster mom says I'm a very loving, sweet, friendly girl and I like to play with other dogs and cats. She says my favorite thing to do is bite the water sprinkler, I love to play in the water.
UPDATE 6-16-09
As of 6-30-09 Vet bill has not been met
Ripley was found collapsed from hunger and heat exhaustion on a volunteer's front porch  when the temperature was over 100 degrees. When approched, he could barely lift his head and started wagging his tail. After the volunteer cooled him down and gave him water and food, he got up, but was unable to put weight on his left foot.
A trip to the vetrinarian revealed a serverely lacerated paw pad, and deep cuts on his leg, blood was coming from his bowels, and he was covered in fleas. The vet said Ripley is about 20 pounds under weight, and has the worst case of hook worms he has ever seen. The surgery, medication and vaccinations have totaled $560.94. he has not been tested for heartworm, if positive that will be another $300. Ripley is recovering at the volunteer's home, and looking forward to the day that he can be adopted into a loving family that will help him forget all this.
If you would like to help with Ripley's medical bills please donate so AAR is able to save other lives like Ripley's. Without the communities support this would have not been possible.
If you are interested in adopting Snow White call Angie 832-229-7342