Jill is a 2 year old female lab mix. She was found at the Tomball Hospital trying to come in the front doors with her brother Jack. Her brother has been adopted for awhile. Jill has hip dysplasia in her back right hip along with her patella (knee) that pops in and out. Her left hip shows a little dysplasia also.
Jill is a sweet loving affectionate girl who keeps her kennel spot less she weights about 50 pounds and needs to go on a diet. At the shelter she only gets to go out 2 times a day to stretch her legs. She deserves more out of life, a shelter life is no place for a special needs dog.Could you give Jill a chance.
11-1-11:  Jill has been with us over a year and needs desperately to find her forever home. She loves people of all shapes and sizes. All she wants to do is role over and have you scratch her belly all the time. She needs to go to a home without other dogs because she wants all the attention for her self. She will need to be kept on joiny supplement for the rest of her life. The Vet also said it would probably be best to keep her on some kind of pain medication.
11-1-11 Mercury is an 8 1/2 year old female lab mix.
She was sleeping under a boated  trailer at 4 months and was ran over. She was taken to Texas A&M where she under went surgery to repair her back right leg. Her leg was broke which she has a plate in her leg. Her hip was fractured which meant they had to cut of her femur head bone because it would not fit back into her hip socket. After months of TLC and rehabilitation Mercury is ready to find her forever home.
Mercury is the most loving affection girl who just adores attention. She is great with dogs, cats and kids.She is crate trained and likes to play fetch. The Vet says she should live out the rest of her life without complications. She might have a little arthritis when she gets old. Try to keep her weight down and not let her play real rough with other dogs.
Mercury is a lover of all, she will make someone very happy. Come visit her
After 9-10-11
Before 6-22-11